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Here’s Ryan Tate on TakePart Live!

VETPAW founder Ryan Tate appeared on Pivot TV's "TakePart Live" on Dec. 17th, speaking to hosts @MeghanMcCain and @Baratunde about the "win-win-win" of our program, for U.S. veterans; anti-poaching rangers & their communities; and African wildlife. Very proud of you, Ryan! And thanks, @TakePartLive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVAX2BKdHls  

Oscar-winner Kathryn Bigelow to premiere her powerful anti-poaching PSA “Last Days” on The Daily Show, Tues, 12/9 @11pm ET

"Last Days" is a haunting, masterful PSA from Oscar-winning director Kathryn Bigelow.  It is also a powerful call to action: Extinction is forever. Make these the last days of ivory-funded terrorism, not the last days of elephants. #lastdays  Fund the Fight        

Prince William speaks to the World Bank on wildlife crime

On his first official visit to Washington, D.C., the Duke of Cambridge gave a speech to the World Bank, emphasizing the importance of safeguarding African wildlife. His passion for fighting wildlife crime was clear: "The extinction of any of the world’s species of animals is a loss to all humanity.But furthermore, wildlife crime goes to the heart of our security.It recognizes neither national borders nor national interests," he said. It distorts economic development, undermines the rule of law and fuels sources of conflict. Unchecked, it can be a factor in the spread of infectious diseases, with a devastating toll." He also referred to the illegal ...

a bee-autiful solution to save elephants!

Living amid wild animals is not easy, especially when the animal in your backyard is a large elephant. How to keep these giants from making themselves unpopular with farmers? Bring on the bees! Save the Elephant's Elephants and Bees Project, run by Dr Lucy King, is pioneering how to give farmers an income while protecting them from hungry giants. Read more on the front page of BBC Earth today, and help us spread the word so we can help more African farmers!    

Don’t Miss Ryan Tate on NPR’s “Talking Animals”!

Don't miss VETPAW President Ryan Tate on NPR’s "Talking Animals" this Wednesday, 11/26 at 9:10am. Go to the Talking Animals website to listen live. If you're in the Tampa area, tune in to WMNF, 88.5 FM. We will also post a link later to the interview, so please check back! Focusing on the important issues facing animals, previous guests include Dr. Jane Goodall, Alec Baldwin, Temple Grandin, Dame Daphne Sheldrick, Cynthia Moss, and Lily Tomlin. Guest info, archives, podcasts can be found at www.talkinganimals.net.

Team Red, White & Blue’s Unsung Heroes

Another great article from Task & Purpose! Team RWB NYC is a unique veterans org that VETPAW President @ryan_c_tate is proud to be a part of. http://ow.ly/DWTYW This "Never Give Up" attitude is what makes our U.S. Veterans so special.

Two question, with only one right answer

This thought-provoking article asks two simple but essential questions: "Will we say NO to the unsustainable commercial exploitation of wildlife? Will we be able to protect the many wild species and the ecosystems they support for this and future generations?" We don't have long to answer. http://unchronicle.un.org/article/will-china-say-no-wildlife-trade/

Major Chinese Internet Companies Join Fight Against Wildlife Crime

Nine major internet companies have agreed to ban the online trading of wildlife and wildlife products. If implemented properly, this will be significant proof — both symbolically and literally — that China is committed to doing its part to end the wildlife trade. Notably, one of the companies is Alibaba, the world's largest online commerce company who recently had the biggest global IPO in history, valued at $25 billion. Check out the story here.

Yes, Sir! McCartney’s signed guitar auctioned for elephants

Sir Paul McCartney, renowned almost as much for his animal advocacy as he is for his legendary musical career, signed and donated a Martin D-28 left-handed guitar with proceeds going to the Nature Conservancy's African Elephant Initiative. Rolling Stone reports that bidding began on eBay with a starting price of $10,000. Love, love we do! Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/paul-mccartneys-autographed-guitar-helps-save-elephants-20140813#ixzz3EaUhqPXu

Innovation: A gunfire location system to fight poaching

Kruger National Park in South Africa has seen some of the most devastating rhino poaching in Africa. Innovative, sophisticated tools are needed to outsmart poachers, so technology that has been used in urban environments is now being pressed into service for wildlife. The Guardian tells how the ShotSpotter gunfire-detection system is one such product.