Helping Establish Agricultural Lifestyles and Sustainability (HEALS)
VETPAW will provide an agricultural program focused on Horticultural or Animal Husbandry Therapy and Rehabilitation. HEALS gives veterans diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) an outlet for healing while also acquiring valuable trade skills.

The therapeutic use of gardening and natural environments in relieving illnesses related to trauma and stress has been well documented and proven to aid rehabilitation and recovery.

20% of Post-9/11 Veterans Have PTSD
HEALS will also augment VETPAW’s mission by offering those formerly engaged in poaching activities an alternative livelihood and reintegration into their communities.

HEALS will offer agricultural and animal husbandry education to Tanzanian communities in the region of VETPAW’s ranger training program. This will be provided via a team of veterans trained by HEALS in agronomic and livestock issues, with an emphasis on increasing culturally-relevant crop yields, sustainable land use, and more efficient livestock management.

Emphasis will be placed on culturally relevant crops: Cassava, sorghum, rice, millet, coffee, banana, area-specific fruits and cashews

HEALS Program
Veteran run workshops will teach the local community how to be more productive on their land to:
  • efficiently capture and use rainwater
  • maintain good soil health and fertility
  • ward away elephants and other animals that destroy croplands without endangering the animal’s welfare
  • teach basic agronomic techniques: cover cropping, conservation tillage, crop rotation, grazing techniques

VETPAW promotes capacity- and relationship building in East Africa, elevating the perception of the military at home and abroad while preventing the extinction of keystone species and ecosystems.