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Major Chinese Internet Companies Join Fight Against Wildlife Crime


Nine major internet companies have agreed to ban the online trading of wildlife and wildlife products. If implemented properly, this will be significant proof — both symbolically and literally — that China is committed to doing its part to end the wildlife trade.

Notably, one of the companies is Alibaba, the world’s largest online commerce company who recently had the biggest global IPO in history, valued at $25 billion.

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2 Responses to "Major Chinese Internet Companies Join Fight Against Wildlife Crime"
  1. In urban areas there are high class areas that has huge houses and in some areas schaks (a little house made out of scrap tin). There are lots of wildlife around the urband areas I would say more than other countries. There are however no wildlife including the big five that rome the streets like some people believe.

  2. I would like to put a fundraiser together to help your cause. I organize fundraisers to help veterans, children, and service dogs for veterans, etc..

    I would like to organize a fundraiser and raise awareness in your cause because I believe in what you do and also there is very little knowledge of how severe this really is. If more Americans understood poaching supports as in supporting terrorists groups we would get you more funds to help your cause.

    I can help with making this possible. I organize a run Ride For America every year and donate money to a non profit organization and I would like to donate to you this year. I have little time to put it together but it can be done. I have already done research on this and have written some sample letters on how to propose this to the nation. I do not only do it locally. I have contacts that can help. I have a contact for Toby Keith and some businesses that are patriots.

    I would like to have more information on how to help you and get you some donations and recognition.

    Thank you for your time

    Angel Miller

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