Executive Team

David Mills

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Ryan Tate

Co-founder & President


U.S. Army Special Forces

Mark Goff

Director of Operations U.S

Advisory Board

RearRear Admiral John “Jay” H. Bowling III

United States Navy, Retired

Dakota Meyer

U.S. Marine Corps Veteran
Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient

William P. Presson

Deputy U.S. Marshal

Clint Romesha

U.S. Army veteran
Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient

Seth Smith

Manager for Social Action Campaigns and Programming, Participant Media

Jeanne T. Tate

Attorney at Law -Managing Partner, Jeanne T. Tate, P.A.

Jessica Schwarzkopf


Jason Flom

CEO, Lava Records

Kevin Hirsch, MD

Trauma Surgery

Fia Perera

Animal Activist - Writer

Tom Burkett

Burkett Asset Mgmt., Inc. (BAM) CEO, Founder
Burkett Asset Mgmt., Inc. (BAM) CEO | Founder - January 1998 to present BAM is ...

VETPAW promotes capacity- and relationship building in East Africa, elevating the perception of the military at home and abroad while preventing the extinction of keystone species and ecosystems.