How Can You Support VETPAW This Giving Season?

This time of year is a time of giving; of supporting communities, organizations & social causes.

If you follow VETPAW that means you care about giving Veterans, the opportunity to use their skills to protect & preserve endangered African wildlife. As a non-profit organization the continuation of our mission is only possible by not only your social support but also by helping with funding so we may continue to stay on the ground here in South Africa. Without your generous donations we wouldn’t be able to continue protecting these incredible animals.

So how can you support VETPAW?
There are several ways you give us support.

  1. SUBSCRIBE for a monthly donation or if you can’t commit to that, you may also do a one-time donation. CLICK HERE
  2. DONATE gear from our Amazon Wishlist! If you want your money to go to something specific, you can purchase gear for our VETPAW ground team. CLICK HERE
  3. BUY VETPAW merch from our shop! Every item purchased helps support funding for projects, gear, new vehicles & much more! CLICK HERE
  4. ADD VETPAW to your Will using FreeWill! CLICK HERE
  5. DONATE to George Chapman‘s Funraise to help VETPAW raise money for new camera traps to study & track wildlife on the reserve! CLICK HERE
  6. SIGN up for a VETPAW Experience. Not only will you be supporting VETPAW, but you’ll also get to come out & see the work our team does for yourself, along with seeing all the amazing wildlife VETPAW helps to protect! CLICK HERE