In this Family, No One Fights Alone

Dear VETPAW Family,

As the holiday season unfolds, I reach out with a message of support and solidarity. My journey, shadowed by the challenges of PTSD, mirrors the struggles many of us face – a testament that emotional trauma is a relentless battle, not limited to combat experiences.

We recently lost a valued member of our VETPAW family, Marine Corps veteran and former advisor Skyler Domine. A steadfast Marine and loyal friend, Skyler’s passing is a poignant reminder of the silent battles faced by many veterans and first responders.

In this time of reflection, I urge two actions:

1) Connect and Listen: Let’s proactively check on our loved ones this season. Beyond the festive cheer, many struggle in silence. Take the time to listen and offer a shoulder – sometimes, a simple conversation can light up the darkest paths. Asking if someone is okay or wants to talk about things can make all the difference. Don’t let our veterans, or anyone you know, struggle in silence.

2) You Are Not Alone: To all in our VETPAW family, remember that you are valued, needed, and loved. Seeking emotional support is a brave step. If the holiday season feels overwhelming, don’t hesitate to lean on your support network.

Furthermore, engaging in service to others can be a profound healer. Volunteering in any capacity, from environmental causes to community aid, is a therapeutic tool for those serving others.

Should you or anyone you know face despair, please reach out to the Suicide and Crises Lifeline. You are not alone, and help is always available.

This holiday season, let’s embrace the power of community and empathy. In memory of Skyler and the support of all those facing their inner battles, let’s stay united in strength and compassion.

With heartfelt gratitude and respect,

Ryan Tate
President and Founder,

For immediate support, please contact the Suicide and Crises Lifeline. Remember, reaching out is courageous, and there is always hope.