Saving Lives, Safeguarding the Future
VETPAW provides meaningful employment to post-9/11 veterans, utilizing their expertise to train and support Africa’s anti-poaching rangers to prevent the extermination of keystone African wildlife, and the disastrous economic and environmental impact it would have.
The numbers don’t lie

The unemployment rate of post-9/11 veterans is higher than the overall national average. Those who do find work are often underemployed or in low-paying jobs. We have a plan to foster personal growth and career development.

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100 Elephants Slaughtered
Nearly 100 elephants are slaughtered every day for their tusks. Without action, this iconic species, and others, will be gone from the wild within a decade.
But the poaching crisis affects all of us: the illegal ivory trade often funds terrorist organizations and their attacks.
But it’s not too late. Working together, veterans, anti-poaching personnel, and local communities can fight back.

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