A vital pillar of our mission in Africa is the sustainable upliftment of communities surrounding the reserves that VETPAW supports. Our team continues to create sustainability projects for the families living in nearby villages; having implemented successful projects of this nature since 2019, we continue to do so throughout 2021. These initiatives provide a reliable income for the local population and add another layer of protection for the wildlife we protect. Through efforts akin to this, the community members have learned that endangered wildlife are far more valuable to them alive..


Crochet Initiative

When we approached the community with the idea of crocheting, they were ecstatic but, none of the ladies knew how to crochet. We needed someone to guide and teach these ladies. Luckily Evelyn Ramela came along! Evelyn is a 73-year-old retired teacher and grandmother who has a deep and abiding love for wildlife and a passion for teaching.
She spent 3 days patiently teaching every lady how to crochet, which is also a valuable skill that can also be used for making clothes and other necessities…The look on their faces when they mastered the craft was priceless. Evelyn has served as a community mentor and the creative force for this project initiative. The Rhino’s came first and, the Elephants followed shortly after. Then Evelyn surprised us all when she presented the idea and made Christmas Rhino’s to raise funds to help support the community during Covid-19. We can’t wait for what else she has up her sleeves so be on the lookout for what’s to come next!!


Upon completing the first collection of crochet projects with the local village women, we desired to find a way to help the community at large. By adding this new project, we’ve now created sustainable income for the families of an entire village! We opted to work alongside the community on these hand-made “Bracelets of Hope.” Each bracelet you see represents the love, diversity, and strength of this beautiful community.

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