One of the pillars of our mission in South Africa is sustainable upliftment of communities surrounding the reserves we protect.

We have created a variety of sustainability projects for the ladies and men who live in these nearby communities, which we will roll out over the course of 2020. These projects will not only provide sustainable income for the community they also add another layer of protection for our rhino. In their view a rhino is worth far more to them alive.



When we approached the community with the idea they were ecstatic but none of the ladies knew how to crochet. We needed someone to guide and teach these ladies. We found her and her name is Evelyn Ramela. Evelyn is a 73 year old retired teacher and grandmother who has a deep and abiding love for wildlife and a passion for teaching.

She sat for days and patiently taught each lady step by step how to crochet in order for them to make the toys. The look on their faces when they could do it on their own was absolutely priceless. Besides mentoring all the participants she is the creative force behind the toy designs. The first being the rhino following on from this there will be an elephant, a giraffe and a crochet hippo.

Not only do the crochet participants earn an income but monies raised is put back into the community enabling us to provide the 28 families in the community with a monthly grocery package.

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