At Veterans Empowered to Protect African Wildlife (VETPAW), we’re on the frontlines in the battle against illegal poaching and habitat destruction in Africa. Our mission is multifaceted, marrying the protection of endangered species with the empowerment of military veterans.

Here’s an overview of what we do:

Training and Mentorship

At VETPAW, one of our core objectives is to empower and uplift local park rangers through intensive training and mentorship programs. These park rangers, often the first line of defense against poachers, can significantly benefit from the advanced military training and field experience that our veteran teams bring to the table.

Our training programs focus on various areas, aiming to improve the skill set of park rangers and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations. These areas include:

Tactical Training:

Tactical Training: We provide rigorous tactical training, equipping rangers with skills in tracking, camouflage, and stealth operations. These are essential for monitoring wildlife and staying one step ahead of the poachers.

Intelligence Gathering and Analysis:

Intelligence Gathering and Analysis: Understanding poachers’ tactics, patterns, and techniques is crucial for effective anti-poaching operations. Our veterans train park rangers in intelligence gathering, surveillance, and reconnaissance skills, which are pivotal in planning and executing successful missions.

Patrolling and Operational Planning:

Patrolling and Operational Planning: We teach rangers how to plan and execute extended patrols in challenging terrains. This includes navigation, supply management, risk assessment, and emergency response, ensuring they can operate safely and effectively in the field.

Crime Scene Management:

Crime Scene Management: Effective crime scene management is vital to building strong cases against poachers. Our team provides training on securing a crime scene, collecting evidence, and collaborating with law enforcement agencies for successful prosecutions.

Health and Safety:

Health and Safety: Working in the wilderness has its fair share of hazards. We focus on basic first aid training and survival techniques to ensure rangers can maintain their well-being and effectively respond to emergencies.

Community Engagement and Communication Skills:

Community Engagement and Communication Skills: We believe in local communities’ power as conservation stakeholders. We train rangers on how to engage with communities, educate them on the importance of wildlife, and foster a spirit of collaboration.

Through this training and mentorship, we aim to build resilient ranger teams that can independently handle anti-poaching operations, ensuring the protection of their natural heritage. Our ultimate goal is to create a sustainable and effective shield against the threats that African wildlife faces, and these trained park rangers are a significant part of that vision.

Counter-Poaching Operations

The backbone of VETPAW’s mission is centered on preventing illegal wildlife poaching. Our U.S. veterans, equipped with unique military skills, training, and experiences, are deployed in key regions where they stand as a bulwark against the dark tide of poaching that threatens Africa’s precious wildlife. Here’s a more detailed look at what our counter-poaching operations involve:

Deployment of Veterans:


Our selection process ensures that we deploy the most dedicated, skilled, and experienced veterans to the areas most in need. These teams are positioned in high-risk regions known for illegal wildlife trade. They operate in various capacities, from on-the-ground patrolling units to strategic planning and intelligence roles.



The mere presence of our highly trained teams serves as a powerful deterrent to potential poachers. When necessary, our teams coordinate with local law enforcement, providing critical support in apprehending poachers and disrupting illegal wildlife trafficking networks.

Detection and Prevention:


Utilizing advanced military techniques, our veterans conduct regular patrols and surveillance operations to detect any signs of poaching activity. They utilize equipment like night vision goggles, drones, and tracking devices, making the best use of technology to prevent poaching before it occurs.

Protecting Key Species:


Our operations focus on safeguarding some of Africa’s most iconic and endangered species, including elephants, rhinos, and lions. By focusing on these key species, we help maintain the balance of the ecosystems they inhabit.

Collaboration and Support:


We do not work alone. Collaboration with local park rangers, law enforcement, and conservation organizations ensures our efforts are cohesive and comprehensive. We provide training and support to these stakeholders, enhancing their capacity to combat wildlife crimes.

Our counter-poaching operations form the crux of our mission at VETPAW. Through them, we’re safeguarding Africa’s wildlife, disrupting illicit networks, supporting local communities, and ensuring that our world’s natural heritage endures for future generations.

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Wildlife Conservation and Advocacy

At the heart of VETPAW’s mission is a profound respect for the natural world and a commitment to preserving it for future generations. Our work extends beyond the immediate prevention of poaching; we are heavily invested in long-term wildlife conservation strategies and advocacy.

Conservation Strategies

We work tirelessly to safeguard the habitats of the iconic species that call Africa home. Our
approach to conservation is multifaceted:

Habitat Protection:
We actively work to protect critical wildlife habitats from encroachment and degradation. By patrolling and monitoring these areas, we ensure the preservation of these ecosystems for the wildlife that depend on them.
Population Monitoring:
We engage in the monitoring of key species, tracking their numbers, health, and behaviors to inform our conservation strategies and understand the impacts of our anti-poaching efforts.
Rescue and Rehabilitation:
Our veterans and local ranger teams sometimes come across animals injured due to poaching activities. We facilitate their rescue, working with local wildlife rescue organizations.


Our commitment to protecting Africa’s wildlife extends to advocating for more robust protections
at local, national, and international levels:

Policy Advocacy:
We engage with governments to lobby for stronger laws against poaching and stricter regulations that protect wildlife habitats. We aim to make policy changes that make a real difference in Africa’s wildlife.
Public Awareness Campaigns:
We recognize the power of awareness in this fight. We run awareness campaigns to educate people about the importance of wildlife conservation and the devastating impacts of poaching, hoping to influence attitudes and
behaviors toward these issues.
We partner with conservation organizations, local communities, and other stakeholders to amplify our efforts and create a united front against wildlife crime. Collaboration is critical to achieving significant and lasting change.

VETPAW aims to secure a thriving future for Africa’s wildlife through these conservation and advocacy efforts. Each policy influenced, each habitat protected, and every individual made aware brings us closer to a world where wildlife coexists peacefully with humans, free from the threat of extinction.

Community Outreach

VETPAW recognizes that local communities play a pivotal role in wildlife conservation. Living alongside Africa’s magnificent wildlife, these communities are the custodians of their local ecosystems, and their actions and attitudes are crucial to these habitats’ wellbeing. With this understanding, we extend our work beyond the boundaries of protected areas and into the heart of local communities through our community outreach initiatives.


Education and Awareness:

Knowledge is the cornerstone of conservation. VETPAW conducts educational programs and workshops for community members of all ages. We cover topics such as the importance of wildlife conservation, different species’ ecological role, and poaching’s detrimental effects. Our goal is to foster an understanding of the intrinsic and economic value of preserving their local ecosystems.

Skills Training:

Beyond raising awareness, we provide practical skills training to facilitate livelihoods that coexist harmoniously with wildlife. This includes promoting sustainable farming techniques, ecotourism, and crafts, ensuring the economic well-being of communities without jeopardizing wildlife.

Youth Engagement:

The youth are the future custodians of our planet. VETPAW is deeply invested in engaging with the younger generation, nurturing their interest and understanding of wildlife and conservation. We facilitate visits to protected areas, organize wildlife-focused events, and provide resources for environmental education.

Community Collaboration:

We work closely with community leaders, respecting and acknowledging their local knowledge and experience. They play a significant role in our outreach efforts, helping us tailor our initiatives to each community’s unique needs and cultural context.

Conflict Mitigation:

In regions where human-wildlife conflict is prevalent, VETPAW works to mitigate these issues. We facilitate dialogue and provide solutions that can help coexistence, such as wildlife-proofing of farms, proper waste management, and rapid response teams for conflict situations.

Community Empowerment:

Ultimately, our community outreach is about empowerment. We aim to cultivate a sense of stewardship and ownership over the natural world, encouraging communities to participate in conservation efforts actively.

By connecting with local communities, we ensure that our conservation efforts are sustainable and rooted in the respect and cooperation of those who share their land with Africa’s incredible wildlife. We believe that together, we can pave the way to a harmonious future where humans and wildlife coexist.

Promoting Sustainable Tourism

Tourism, if executed sustainably and responsibly, has the potential to create a significant positive impact on both local economies and wildlife conservation. At VETPAW, we firmly support sustainable tourism initiatives that strike a delicate balance between stimulating economic development and preserving the integrity of wildlife and their natural habitats.

Endorsing Responsible Practices:


We advocate for responsible tourism practices that minimize environmental impact, conserve wildlife and habitats, and benefit local communities. This includes promoting adherence to guidelines limiting human-wildlife interaction, reducing waste, and respecting local cultures and customs.

Educational Tourism:


We endorse tourism practices that educate visitors about the importance of wildlife conservation, the devastating effects of poaching, and the unique ecology of local habitats. This focus on education helps raise global awareness about these critical issues and fosters a deeper appreciation of nature.

Supporting Local Economies:


Sustainable tourism can drive local economic growth, providing jobs and income for communities living alongside wildlife. We support initiatives that link community development with conservation goals, ensuring that the benefits of tourism are equitably shared.

Wildlife Tourism:


Wildlife tourism can be a powerful conservation tool when conducted ethically and responsibly. Placing value on living wildlife creates an economic incentive for conservation. We support tourism that prioritizes the well-being of the animals, ensuring their natural behaviors are not disrupted.

Promoting Eco-lodges and Sustainable Accommodations:


We promote accommodations with a low environmental impact and integrate seamlessly into the local landscape. Eco-lodges and similar establishments that practice sustainable resource usage, waste management, and community involvement are key partners in this endeavor.

Each of these functions, including our work in promoting sustainable tourism, is vital to the larger VETPAW mission to protect Africa’s irreplaceable wildlife and empower our veterans. The support we receive from people like you enables us to perform these critical tasks, bringing us one step closer to a world where wildlife thrives unthreatened, and people live in harmony with nature. Your involvement in this mission, whether through donation, volunteering, or simply spreading the word, has the power to make a profound difference. Together, we can shape a future where the majestic landscapes of Africa are preserved, its wildlife safe, and its communities flourishing.

Veteran Empowerment

At VETPAW, we have a dual mission – safeguarding Africa’s endangered wildlife and empowering U.S. veterans. We recognize the invaluable skills, experiences, and dedication our veterans bring. Our organization provides a unique opportunity for post-9/11 veterans to continue serving in a challenging and rewarding context.

Skills Utilization:
Our veterans have been trained in some of the most demanding environments. Their skill set, which includes strategic planning, surveillance, discipline, teamwork, and adaptability, can be powerfully applied to conservation and anti-poaching efforts. At VETPAW, we offer an avenue for veterans to utilize these skills in a meaningful and impactful way, allowing them to make a real difference in protecting endangered wildlife.
Sense of Purpose:
Many veterans grapple with the transition to civilian life, seeking a purpose that resonates with the call to service they experienced in the military. VETPAW provides an opportunity to rekindle this sense of purpose. By becoming defenders of the vulnerable and guardians of the wild, our veterans continue their service, giving their passion and skills a new direction.
Healing and Rehabilitation:
The serene landscapes of Africa, far removed from the hustle and bustle of urban life, can offer therapeutic respite. This engagement with nature can be a form of healing for veterans dealing with the mental and emotional toll of their experiences. Many find peace and recovery in protecting wildlife, a testament to the human-nature bond.
Community and Camaraderie:

At VETPAW, our veterans become part of a unique fraternity united by a shared mission. They find camaraderie in their teams, a sense of belonging that echoes the brotherhood they experienced in the military.

Our veteran empowerment program is not just about offering opportunities; it’s about recognition and respect for the courage, commitment, and skills that our veterans embody. It’s about providing a platform where their service continues to make a difference, where they can find healing, purpose, and community. At VETPAW, our veterans are not just the backbone of our operations but the heart of our mission.

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