Anti-poaching organizations are known to be formed by U.S. veterans. What is wrongly believed is how they operate on the ground while protecting wildlife from poachers.

Veterans have been accused of teaching park rangers to kill poachers while on parole. But, the truth is that these nonprofit organizations, like VETPAW, work every day on land teaching park rangers tracking skills and the negative impact that wildlife killing has over the community.

At VETPAW, we know that our most substantial input is passing our knowledge along to park rangers to keep themselves safe while protecting the lives of rhinos and elephants, which are two of the most endangered species.

Training Local Park Rangers To Help Preserve Wildlife

When we train park rangers, we teach everything that must be known for them to 1) protect endangered species, 2) protect themselves while on parole, and 3) build up their awareness of why wildlife preservation is essential.

What truly helps us keep poachers away is letting them know that specialized park rangers are out there to give it all while on duty. Our goal isn’t to kill, but to be perceived as an authority.

What we cover in our wildlife training courses is:

  • Wildlife identification
  • Animal behavior and tracking skills
  • Anti-poaching technique and procedures
  • The reality behind the poaching industry and trade in illegal wildlife

Being in the field means being perceptive all of the time. As experienced veterans, we know that to protect these animals, we have to be alert. Therefore, we use our experience to train park rangers to protect and save endangered species by stopping poachers through tracking skills, preventive methods, smart decisions, and avoiding violence at all costs.

Through our surveillance and protection service, we operate along with local African park rangers legally, and by enforcing laws to prevent poachers from taking actions. We know that violence and killing are not solutions to this unfortunate event. Instead, the key is to raise consciousness through our training skills and enhance the value of this wildlife.

How Donations Contribute To Our Cause?

Along with the help of donations, we’re able to accomplish our commitment to wildlife and train local rangers, since they go directly toward their training and everything else involved in this cause. It’ll help us provide the needed education and conservation this community needs through our surveillance and everyday protection.