Hello, my name is George Chapman, and I have been hired by VETPAW as a researcher to monitor the increase in the recently reintroduced brown hyena population. Being a near-threatened species on the IUCN red list, brown hyenas play a crucial role in the ecosystem, controlling the population of animals lower in the food chain with their omnivorous diet, as well as preventing diseases in human-populated communities by consuming disease-spreading animal carcases with their scavenger lifestyle. Because of this, conserving this species is vital to both the security of the ecosystem and the health of the people around it.

My current duty is to fundraise $19,000 to obtain 108 trail cameras to be set up within the game reserve, in which the brown hyenas will be monitored over time. From this, we will have spatial data which allows us to not only identify how many brown hyenas there are in the game reserve, but to also know where their home ranges are, resulting in the ability to prioritise conservation efforts.

If you’re interested in our mission, and wish to contribute towards brown hyena conservation, donations will be much appreciated, as every dollar will go towards purchasing these trail cameras.

Please send donations, thank you.