This Friday, May 14th, VETPAW will host the first-ever Guardian Gala. The event will be put on by Cirrus Aircraft with support from Ross Aviation at the Scottsdale airport. The spacious aircraft hanger and hulking aircraft are representative of the magnitude of this event. The gala will feature NFT artwork by acclaimed Marcel van Luit which will be auctioned off with proceeds to support VETPAW’s work to protect endangered elephants, rhinos and other wildlife in Africa.

As a result of this partnership, the Guardian Gala is the largest fundraiser VETPAW has held, as well as the most visible gathering of VETPAW supporters to date. Not only will it unite the most dedicated wildlife advocates under one roof, but VETPAW will announce a pioneering initiative, that allows ANYONE a method to partake in the protection of wildlife long term, while accruing significant benefit in return. They’ve assembled a tight think tank of leading minds to spearhead this project and the conservation world should see a paradigm shift following its launch.

For those looking to assist VETPAW in their fight to protect Africa’s wildlife, but are unable to attend the Guardian Gala, VETPAW has a donation program open to the public: every cent goes directly to the mission and serves to upkeep operations, equip field rangers and provide life saving resources to the wildlife VETPAW cares for. You can donate here.

VETPAW is a registered 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. Learn more about our mission and how you can support us on our website