VETPAW partners with a veteran non-profit organization, Recycle for Veterans (RFV), for trip efforts in Africa.

VETPAW is always looking to collaborate with like-minded movements on the enhancement of wildlife conservation, and this past winter, Recycle for Veterans journeyed overseas for one such joint effort in Africa.

Recycle for Veterans (RFV) is an organization with a mission to remove waste from around the globe. They bring together local people, companies, active service members, and veterans around shared ideals of sustainability and environmental impact by holding cleanups in highly impacted regions.

The VETPAW and RFV teams first linked up for a classic RFV trash cleanup in a local South African community. Both organizations, when invited again, collaborated on a joint effort in the same community, where they helped garden schools, and bring electricity back to them bolster security measures and reduce thievery.

Speaking about the trip, a member of the VETPAW team says, “Enacting positive change at this scale is only the beginning of VETPAW and RFV’s tandemized efforts!” Not only did RFV visit with us, but amidst the same stint, Paul Rosolie (Founder of Jungle Keepers and NYT Best Selling Author of Mother of God) made his African debut with our team! ”

“Hosting such a revered figure in the African bush proved a real treat.” The proverbial “meeting of the minds” was invigorating, and having a genuine conservation icon here to enhance our work is a hallmark proponent of why we offer the VETPAW Experience.”

“Between our three united entities, we had a true form of African excursion: night patrols, big five sightings, humanitarian efforts, shared methodologies, and even assisted in the sedation procedure of a budding rhino named Zawadi!”

“We’ve learned much from RFV’s stateside success and Paul Rosolie’s decades of protecting the western Amazon, and we’re delighted they could experience VETPAW’s mission first-hand. We’ve all walked away with a broader outlook on the natural world, and VETPAW will continue to make good on this newfound perspective through its day-to-day tasks.

“Overall, the premiere season of 2022 was deeply enriching. Much of VETPAW’s 2021 tee-ups came to fruition, our network for good was expanded, and the pillars of conservation are trending in an upward swing! ”


VETPAW is a non-profit organization dedicated to African wildlife preservation and protection. VETPAW focuses on preventing destruction through tactical planning and preparedness. They developed cooperative partnerships with regional national parks, rangers, and government institutions. The group allows military veterans to apply their skills to teach and help African rangers in the fight against illicit poaching. Visit to learn more about VETPAW.