At VETPAW, we work hard every day to preserve the life of animals such as elephants, giraffes, and rhinos, who are continually harassed by poachers for commercial purposes and to fund terrorist purposes.

We want to prevent the extinction of these wildlife animals, and for that, we provide anti-poaching training for park rangers in Africa to enhance their knowledge and conscience. 


Why Anti-Poaching Training?

In 1800 there were around 26 million elephants in Africa alone. But today, after many years of poaching and habitat destruction, the numbers are now a tiny fraction of what they were. And we’re talking just about elephants. Other species went through the same, and are now extinct.

Tracking, finding, and arresting poachers is a difficult task, and our knowledge of combat techniques can be beneficial for this. That’s why we train local African rangers with these techniques so they can be truly prepared to fight against poachers and protect the animals. 

We don’t promote poacher’s killing. We want to teach rangers how to protect themselves and the animal’s life. 

Our Mission

VETPAW is committed to utilizing the skills and knowledge of U.S. veterans to train anti-poaching wildlife rangers and support the local communities. We are here to defend our passion and take on those who are trying to destroy what we believe. 

We are tired of seeing tons of elephants and rhinos suffer just because other people want to take advantage of just one piece of them, and to leave the rest to rot, often with their own babies left to fend for themselves. It’s not human seeing these animals die every day and not doing anything about it. So we are full of determination and courage to enlighten these savage hunter’s mindset against these innocent animals. 

You Can Contribute Too

VETPAW is a nonprofit organization. Our operations are funded through donations to provide the best anti-poaching training to African rangers. If you want to be part of this cause, you can contribute by donating any amount that comes from your heart. All donations are spent only for the anti-poaching training we provide.