Do you know that 100 elephants are slaughtered every day in Africa? Do you know that poachers have led rhinos and elephants on the path of extinction? At VETPAW, we work hard to stop this injustice. 

We are a group of post 9/10 US veterans with combat skills with the commitment of helping park rangers protect endangered animals in Africa. We train these local park rangers for free, so that they can work better, faster, and smarter using the best techniques. We are working hard to promote the protection of these innocent animals and raise awareness of the benefits that come with it.  


How We Do It

There are many ways to contribute to the cause. Still, at VETPAW, we help by training local rangers, providing surveillance and protection, and educating. We are going to tell you more about each of them. 

1. Train Local Rangers

We, as veterans, have decided to share our knowledge of combat skills to empower park rangers. All of the funding for our training program comes from the donations we receive. We use all the money on that to provide better assistance while doing the job.

2. Surveillance And Protection

All veterans operate legally on the field, and with the help of local African park rangers, to prevent the poachers from attacking these innocent animals.

3. Education And Conservation

This fight must be a community wide, grass roots effort, and the way to do it is by educating local communities of the long-term benefits of protecting the wildlife. We also stay to monitor and research endangered species from the reserves we protect.

Do You Want To Help?

If you want to contribute to our cause, you can donate any amount that comes from your heart. Your generosity will go directly to the U.S veterans so they can keep help train African rangers to support the community and provide ongoing protection of the most vulnerable species.

Don’t waste time. Please contribute now to our cause. We want to train as many African rangers as possible to have more support and stop the possible extinction of these innocent animals.