Being part of a noble cause gives a rewarding feeling to those involved in it. That’s how we, veterans, feel by being part of VETPAW. We’re an anti-poaching nonprofit organization working hard every day to ensure the survival of wild animals, such as elephants and rhinos. These amazing creatures have been hunted non-stop for the value of their horns and tusks in the black market.

At VETPAW, with over our years of commitment with this organization, we’ve been able to rescue countless animals and train local park rangers to help with their survival. This is a noble cause that teaches them, and the community, the importance of this wildlife preservation.

Moreover, the more we engage people to contribute to this cause, the better results we get, and the more elephants and rhinos we save from the brink of extinction. You can become an essential piece of this commitment by helping us with your donation.

What Do We Do At VETPAW?

At VETPAW, our love and commitment have no limits. Can you imagine how excruciating it is to find an elephant or rhino shot down to death? When we experience this, our determination grows stronger.

Our devoted organization strives every day to fight against poachers by training local rangers, providing surveillance and protection, and also by educating and conserving the community. 

Training Local Rangers 

Donations are what make this organization possible. Thanks to this source of income, we’re able to train local rangers to work better, smarter, and faster using the best techniques available. 

Surveillance and Protection 

Our acquired veteran skills during our years of service are passed along local park rangers to maximize the positive impact on stopping poachers from hunting. Together, we’re always alert while operating on the ground, and donations make it possible to offer them the best equipment and training. 

Education and Conservation

Education is the primary key to build consciousness around this important cause. With the help of donations as well, we’re able to take a step further and educate the nearby community on the importance of this wildlife conservation. 

Donate And Become An Essential Element To Wildlife

With your help and donations, nothing can stop us. If you want to become a part of the VETPAW family, we’ll be more than happy to have you join this incredible cause. Get on this journey and help us with the preservation of wildlife.