“Change is the end result of all true learning,” according to Leo Buscaglia. So that is why veterans have taken on the adventure of training park rangers to stop poachers in Africa. Dedicating time to this important cause is a task that veterans have been involved in for years. Their skills and knowledge are the master key to raise consciousness among park rangers and the surrounding communities. 

Why Are These Animals Important To The Community?

Wildlife hunting is a tragic event that has been taking place for years. Laws have been created to stop the rapidly growing rate of this illegal killing. An elephant is killed every fifteen minutes for it’s ivory, and every eight hours, a rhino is shot dead for its horns. At this speed, they will soon become extinct. But why is their preservation beneficial for the surrounding communities? Besides the fact that they deserve to live and be respected?

Potential Tourist Attraction

One of the reasons why it is important to teach how these animals are essential to the local community is because they mean a draw for tourists.

You can hardly find elephants and rhinos around the world if they’re not in a zoo. What comes to mind when you hear the word safari? That’s right, Africa.

So these incredible animals are a significant reason why so many tourists visit this continent. Their beauty and environment are unique and a one-place experience. 

Cultural Identity

A community must cherish their flora and fauna because those are part of their cultural identity, even more, if it’s as unique as African nature.

Actively involving members of the local communities has proven to achieve the raise of awareness and participation by the locals; rather veterans just acting on their own. Once park rangers are taught of the importance of wildlife, their commitment to the cause becomes part of their morals. 

Health Of The Ecosystem

All living things are essential to the cycle of the ecosystem and biodiversity. Elephants and rhinos as well do their part. Elephants, for example, use their tusks to dig for water, which keeps them hydrated during the dry season, and also helps other animals to gain access in this harsh habitat. 

VETPAW’s Commitment To Training Park Rangers

At VETPAW, we are an organization formed by veterans. We share our combat skills with local African park rangers to work together for the protection of these endangered animals. We know that our best weapon is to raise knowledge in their community and help them preserve such an important natural resource.