COVID-19 times have come to make a big impact on the world by stopping our day-to-day life. Everyone is aware that staying home is the safest measure we can all take to stay healthy and avoid getting infected. Even knowing so, many people have suffered the beating of inactivity, feeling useless. But there’s always something to be done to make a change in the world while being in quarantine.

There are anti-poaching nonprofit organizations in Africa that operate thanks to people’s donations. Therefore, saving endangered wildlife in times of COVID-19 can be your fair share while staying at home safely, yet making a huge difference in others’ lives, in this case, in rhinos and elephants.

What Do Anti-Poaching Non-Profit Organizations Do? 

Such anti-poaching organizations stay at the head of the line to help save endangered species, such as the white rhino, the black rhino and the elephant (among others). These organizations are formed by army veterans that through their acquired skills during the war, train local African park rangers and provide them with the right tools to protect these animals.

Moreover, veterans give education to the nearby community in the hopes of making them aware of wildlife’s essential role in the world and their communities. To make all these possible, these organizations get their incomes mostly from donations.

Also, another way in which people contribute to these organizations is by experiencing firsthand the wonder of wildlife conservations. They get to see with their own eyes the beauty of this habitat and the job done daily. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 times, this kind of input isn’t available, and online donation is currently the best way to collaborate.

VETPAW – Veterans Empowered To Protect African Wildlife

At VETPAW, we are one of the anti-poaching nonprofit organizations committed to the preservation of endangered wildlife. They’re the reason why we work hard every day because they need someone to protect them and ensure their existence. The poaching struggle is real, and getting ready for it involves having the means to serve these animals and the African community at their best. Your donation is what makes this cause possible, even more during these tough times of COVID-19.