Wildlife in Africa is and has been endangered for a long time due to the increase in poaching. Poachers are known to kill animals illegally for their profit. Because of this, there have been disastrous consequences for wildlife. Some animals are facing a risk of extinction. Numerous non-profit organizations are working to end wildlife poaching to promote saving endangered wildlife in Africa.

Here are some solutions that aim to help save wildlife in Africa.

Anti-Poaching Solutions

To save endangered wildlife in Africa, finding ways to reduce and, at some point, abolish poaching is what many organizations are trying to accomplish. They can do this by increasing their surveillance and training. They can also carefully monitor animals and where higher levels of poaching activities are taking place.

Poaching is a multi-billion dollar illegal industry, and while the demand for ivory is high, even more poachers are incentivized to engage in these activities. Rangers and the community must get involved and prevent animals from going extinct. Poaching affects the community more than you might imagine with crime and terrorism.

Rescue Animals That Have Suffered

Some animals are left injured after poachers took what they wanted. Another way of saving endangered wildlife in Africa is by nursing them to recovery. Some animals, if left injured, will die. By nursing them and giving them time to heal in a safe place, you are allowing the species to extend their life even if they have been victims of poaching.

Locals Need To Be Involved

Many organizations focus on educating the communities to change the way they think and understand the importance of wildlife conservation. By having the people in the area educated and aware of the long-term benefits of a thriving wildlife community, poaching numbers might reduce as more people join the fight. It is impossible to create permanent change unless the communities are on board with the right ideals.

Join VETPAWS´s Fight For Wildlife 

VETPAW is a veteran non-profit organization that applies these three strategies and many more in the efforts of saving endangered wildlife in Africa. At VETPAW, we operate legally in coordination with law enforcement and African park rangers to stop poachers before they attack. We Are passionate about wildlife conservation and want to do our best to protect the species as well as support the African communities we work with.