Did you know that an elephant is killed every 15 minutes for their ivory, and every 8 hours, a rhino is gunned down for their horns? The practice of poaching has put these animals on the edge of extinction. That’s why we, U.S. Veterans, have reunited to use all our military knowledge and experience to protect these species from poachers.

We also encourage people around us to be part of this cause by spreading the information with their community and raise awareness about the importance of preserving wildlife. 


We Are A Highly Trained Team Of Veterans

All the members of the VETPAW’s team are highly trained and experienced veterans. We don’t want to use aggressive measures against poachers. We are here to change the poachers’ behavior and protect the animals they want to hurt. We do our best to talk to them to break down these criminal networks.  

We have all the equipment needed to do the job, and we work hard every day to achieve our purpose and make people conscious of it.

We Train Park Rangers 

Usually, park rangers don’t have the experience or resources to protect large areas from hunters. That’s why we provide them with our military skills to stop poachers from hunting our protected species. 

We work with them every day so they can be prepared for everything. We work with them side by side to develop an action plan according to their area so they can follow up when a poacher shows off with intentions of hurting an animal. 

Let’s Protect Wildlife Together

If you want to be part of this mission, you can do so by donating or coming by to learn more about what we do and be part of the team. We offer tours so people can experience it’s like living surrounded by wildlife and these fantastic animals.

We are not protecting animals just because it’s the right thing to do. We truly consider that they are essential. These species are part of our culture, our history, and they give life to earth. We want people to be aware of that, and that’s why we are trying to spread the message. Give us a hand and help us protect these innocent animals from being harassed in Africa.