Preserving the life of animals, whose lives are threatened by poachers, will always be our number one priority at VETPAW. We are veterans empowered to protect African wildlife by training local park rangers to enhance their knowledge and conscience.

Our team, formed by veterans, are not ex-military poacher hunters in Africa. What we fight against is the injustice of the real animal hunters who are pushing to the edge of these wildlife animals’ extinction. We perform our job every day, aiming to raise awareness all around this community. 


Our Mission and Commitment

Every day we work assisting animals such as elephants, rhinos, and giraffes, who are continually being harassed by poachers because of the value of their horns in the black market.

Nowadays, an elephant is killed every fifteen minutes for their ivory, and a rhino is taken down for its horns every eight hours. At that speed, we will only be able to show future generations what these animals were like through pictures.

It is due to this fact that VETPAW’s mission is to utilize the skills U.S. Veterans own to train anti-poaching wildlife rangers and support their communities. Our goal is to encourage the survival of critically threatened wildlife while at the same time giving purpose to the men and women who’ve already served their country.

We are committed to our role, and we are here to defend our passion. Daily, we face significant challenges to stand on what we believe and how we do it. It takes patience and courage to educate these savage hunters’ behavior against these beautiful wildlife animals.

How We Involve Others In This Experience

As we raise awareness in this experience, more and more people (even non-veterans) want to become part of this wildlife conservation.

We invite these adventurers in by going on a 10-day safari to experience for themselves how it feels to support this cause and defend this endangered wildlife.

Also, you can help us by donating on our website. 100% of all profits go directly into funding VETPAW’s mission.