According to the African Wildlife Foundation, in Africa, poachers kill thousands of endangered animals every day. Although statistics reveal many countries are increasing their efforts to stop it, they can’t do it alone.

Poaching is a large business; most of these killers do whatever it takes to get what they want. The International Ranger Federation states that around two rangers get killed every week, half of them murdered by poachers.

Most Park Rangers are not qualified or equipped to prevent poaching attacks. At VETPAW, we are committed to helping rangers get the training and tools they need to protect endangered animals from poachers in Africa.



VETPAW stands for Veterans Empowered To Protect African Wildlife, we are a 501c3 registered non-profit organization. Most of our veterans are 9/11 Americans, who share their knowledge, skills, and experiences acquired during their time serving in the military, with park rangers and local authorities in Africa.

We teach the park rangers land navigation or orientation, information collection, mission planning, patrolling principles, partner building, partner training, advanced critical thinking, and critical situation decision making. VETPAW ensures that the most capable veterans are brought onto the team to help.

We also build relationships with local authorities and the community, teaching them the importance of endangered animal protection, so together, we can make a network capable of detecting and warning about possible poaching attacks. 

You Can Also Join Us In This Fight

VETPAW can operate thanks to the donations from different companies and individuals, who also share the love for nature and particularly wildlife. 

Our team at VETPAW has trained over 1,000 African rangers, surveilled 160,000 acres of land, and have relocated multiple species including, elephant, white rhino and black rhino.

We are confident that together we can help end the African poaching crisis and defund terrorism, every single cent counts and can be an elephant saved and a park ranger who has learned how to operate better.