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Major Lazer is totally in love with Africa; the trio finds limitless inspiration from its people and its land. Now, the group wants to give back to the continent and help conserve its endangered species, and you can help.

There are an estimated 25,000 white rhinos left on the planet. Meanwhile, every 15 minutes, an African elephant is killed. At this rate, both species could disappear in a matter of years, so Major Lazer teamed up with VETPAW to raise awareness and funds for the conservation effort. VETPAW is an organization that enlists US veterans to train park rangers how to best fight attacks from illegal poachers. You can help in that fight by donating to the cause.

This awareness initiative comes during Major Lazer’s African autumn. The trio recently released a 30-minute mega mix of African dance music, including some new tracks of its own. It will also stop by VETPAW headquarters during a six-date tour of Africa later this month.